Fan Belts

Fan Belt

Keeping it cool...

Fan Belts, also known as timing belts, are an essential part of your engine, as they help drive lots of vital components such as your water pump and alternator.

Fan belts ban get worn down over time, raising the risk that they might snap. When this happens, it's extremely important to replace your fan belt, as your car will break down very quickly without it.

ALLPARTS provides 2 different materials of fan belts;

Heavy Duty Fan Belt

Strength in the core
Fan Belt

Ngufu ya Kenya

01. Highly recommended for all vehicles, big or small

02. Built for tough African dust & heat

03. Hot Kenyan weather causes wear out of the rubber quicker than other countries. Heavy duty is therefore recommended.

04. Cost effecting for longer lasting belts

Regular Fan Belt

Always budget friendly
Fan Belt

01. Cost effective

02. Impressive quality, regardless of cost

03. Recommended for older vehicles, which may not run an additional 50,000 KM

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Fan Belt

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