Brake Shoes

A long curved block, typically one of a pair, which presses on to the drum in a drum brake.

"Good shoes, take you to good places"

The belief that it is cheaper & safe to re-bond your brake show, is a misguided truth.

Re-bonded materials very often fall off, inefficient when braking due to high lining temperatures. It is often not much cheaper than buying a new set of brake shoe!

At ALLPARTS, we provide two types Brake Shoes, of different materials;

FF Grade Brake Shoe

Premium Asbestos-Free Material

What We're Looking For

01. For customers who want the very best for their vehicles

02. Made from asbestos free, semi-metallic material

03. Last a long time

04. Guaranteed against high squeak noise

Regular Grade Brake Shoe

Asbestos Material

What We're Looking For

01. Asbestos Material

02. Budget Friendly

03. Perfect replacement instead of re-bonded brake shoes

04. Don't rebond! It's can cause brake failure!

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